Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Demasting Bellum

I spent the night aboard and started working early to prepare for demasting Bellum for our canal trip

I left a message with Roger to see if he can help us demast.  He has done it for 39 years.

Norm came early to help fold and pack the sails

Rod and Roger came at 1 and we demasted and tied down by 2:40.  Very smooth operation. The structure was amazingly solid.

Other work done for the cruise include additional AGM battery, spare alternator, new propane locker, loading folding kayak, dinghy, spare VHF antennae, new windlass, valve lash, anchor and spare and rode, accounting, Mi-fi, Bullet Wi-fi, Toughbook, Navionics, mast stepping venues, preparing docking lines, fridge monitor management, fridge spill over, rig chain wash, DC-DC converter for Torqeedo, fender boards, water tank filter, MFD in V-berth, sail changes, new engine light, line stowage in port locker, Cruising Permit, Radio Station Licence, Packing and identifying where things are located ...

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

awesome racing

Norm, Rod and I came to the club at 2:30 to build the mast frame for Bellum.

Rod had a nice simple design.  Photos to come

Then we went out racing.  There probably 60 boats out there.

No results.  Nice sailing.  Norm took the helm.  Rod took wind headings at almost every tack.

Results to come.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Boat work weekend

We spent the weekend working on a new battery box, fridge monitor, cleaning, updating Navionics.

Shopped for wood to make the battery box.

Propane seems to work great.  No leaks.  BBQ a steak for supper.  Daniele left Saturday night for Father's day and removing rust from her stairs.

Friday, June 15, 2018


Mike, Mary, Jimmy, Daniele and I raced the Friday fun race.  Jimmy's first time out.  Mary's captain did not show up.

Nice supper at the club.  Lousy wine.




Prestart beer

Le Foredeck

Ghost Owl

Le Sunset

The Finish

The Return

Thursday, June 14, 2018


Tuesday was too windy.  Race Cancelled.  Chaos and Ghost Owl went out.  We never went out.  I came to the club to work on the boat. Cleaned the locker.

Thursday no winds. We never went out.

Friday, June 8, 2018

FFR and weekend at Dowkers

Had a nice Friday fun race.  Easy going.  No results could be found.

We went off to Dowkers and had a nice supper of pork chops and a Bushmill or two.  Quiet evening. 

On Saturday morning the other boats were gone.  Did some boat work.  Then we napped.  The bay got full and we went off for a sail in strong winds from 14h to 15h.  Rigged a preventer for the first time and tried it.  Works fine.

Came back to Dowkers south and had sausages in a very pleasant but not too colourful sunset.

The night was noisy, from a loose furler, backstay and jib sheets.  All three were finally tightened and then things were fine.

De anchoring was very tough, had to use the main winches both nights.

On Sunday we sailed back to the club and skipped the sail past to work on the propane system.

Came home at 7 with a nice supper at Bucon.  Served by a Face student.

Friday night


Thursday, June 7, 2018

GNS 2 R3

I came to the boat early to try to reinstall the original 35 Amp alternator before the race.  Norm figured I could find an adjustment arm to make the 55 Alternator fit

Pierre Boisee was working on Gaucho and I saw him to get help with the alternator.

Chris and Sarah came to race a great race.

The crew was rusty and we sharpened them up pre-race with several tacks from the gut to the start.

Winds were 10 gusting to 18 from the west.  I helmed, Chris handled the main and winched and Sarah pulled the jib. I released. Played with the mainsail with twist.

We messed up our start position trying to get out of the way of the Fireball start. We started down the line and crossed well before the pin but far from the RC.  But we were well ahead of the fleet.  When we tacked we passed ahead of the fleet and never looked back.  But we were one of the longest boats in the fleet.  We came in 3rd.

By the end of the race, the crew were much better tuned.

On the way back as we crossed the gut, Luc whistled to get a tow back.  When we got to the club, the kitchen had closed.

We went to Ye Old Orchard.