Saturday, June 17, 2017

Single handed sail to sandbars

After Friday race, I slept aboard.  Cleaned and organised the lockers, put the spinnaker aboard.  I decided not to put the other sails aboard.

After a very long day, I saw Seal Cove come in.  They said it was fairly nice out there, a little wind.

That inspired me to go out.  I put a few things away and on my way back I saw Devin trying to put up the main sail.  The boat was new to him and he was having problems.

It got dark by the time we finished but I was determined to go.  Motored to the first mark and headed to the gut in a light south wind.  Started the motor and furled the jib and anchored in 12 feet near the sandbars.

Nice evening.

Next morning got up early and tried to sail but winds were light, from the west.  Eventually I gave up and sailed through the gut and started the motor just at Malhers'.  Motored in and docked perfectly.

Washed the boat of all the shad-flies for the afternoon sail past.

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