Wednesday, August 6, 2014

First Wednesday race

Daniele picked me up to go to the club. Stopped at Amir for lunch.  She cleaned the new boat and cleaned the old boat.

Josh came by and we agreed to fix the anchor locker but leave the deck and traveler for later.  Should keep an eye on the deck.  Wetness there was higher around the second leg of the port hand rail.  The traveler could be protected by some stick on antiskid decal.

Chris showed up early.  We took off early and did some practice tacks.

Chris was a the helm. Daniele and I handled the sheets and traveler. 

Winds were shifty.

We  started at the wrong side of the start line, we could not get to RC at the one minute mark so we headed for the far end of the line and pinched to make the start line.

Timing of the sheets and tacking needed more precision and team work. One bad tack at the leeward mark when Therapy tacked in front of us. We tacked but should have veered around him and held our course, avoiding the incoming boats.

We came in close to last.  Boat performed well.  Crew needed tuning.

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