Friday, August 1, 2014

Return to Lake St. Louis

We got up early, somewhat early and started motoring to Valleyfield.  We arrived at the first bridge at 1. That was perfect.  I figured it would take two hours to get to Beauharnois just in time for the 3PM passage forecasted on the seaway site.

The first bridge opens and we all go through.  I had to slow down and tried to back up because the bridge was not all the way up.

We go to the second bridge and they opened the  bridge 10 minutes before we got there.  They closed the bridge before we got there.  They re-opened the bridge in 15 minutes.  arggg..

We go to the lock at 3 and there were no boat there. They had passed early.  F**K government workings.  Next passage 8:30.  We docked and washed the boat.  At 5, they let us through.

We rushed to meet the Friday fun race.  The fleet was just sitting around without any winds.  We circled around and headed for the club when we decided to anchor at the sandbars.  Better at anchor then the club.

Our track:

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