Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Fun Race No 2

Winds looked very calm. Andrea wanted to invite the "girls" sailing.  They accepted.

Jimmy came along too, with his friend "McCelland's"

I arrived early to switch from the 155 to the furler for a relaxing, trouble free weekend.

We set out under motor. There was a little shifty southish wind and there was a race.

We had a very exciting start,  Equity touched Drifter caused by Wind Shadow's bad maneuvers.  I got out of there and almost contacted Ginger. All this killed out starting position, but Bellum was safe to race another day.

It was a nicely intense race. Came in 13th out of 31.

After the race, we dropped the hook and BBQ the chicken and Kefta and green peppers.

Motored back tot he harbour in the dark to drop off the guest as we went back out to anchor beside the club.

One BBQ is not enough for six people.

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