Monday, June 15, 2015

Fun Saturday, Go to Dowkers, Sunday Sail Past

I picked up the 6HP Johnson from Chris, went to Canadian Tire to get an inverter to try on the Nespresso and got to the club about 10:45 in time to meet for the Friday Fun race briefing.

I decided to unload the car and then go to the meeting, but that (and social stuff) made me late for the meeting. Nice meeting, Kelly, Ed, Jason are taking over the Fun Race with Nigel helping out in the background.

Daniele bought supper and breakfast so we could stay at Dowkers.  We left about 2 and had a nice sail until 6ish in 15 knot winds with gusts to 23 !

Dowkers was very crowded, so we headed straight for Dowkers South where there were only 3 boats.  Wind forecast was to veer from west to north so Dowkers South was better.

Danforth held very well, in clay and weeds. 

Finally fixed the wash down pump.  I bleed-ed the air by pushing on the outlet with a screwdriver got it working much better.  Stretchy hose was crap.  Coil hosed worked better.

Nice supper of Costco pork chops with Rosemary and garlic marinade.  Opened Lynda's VSOP.  Tried to launch some Chinese lanterns, but it was too windy.

Next morning the wash down pump was used to wash the cockpit.  The anchor was fairly hard to get up with all the mud and weeds.

Sailed towards Pointe Claire and then picked up Jimmy for the sail past at BYC.  I hit the dock with the bow on approach.  Josh will look at it.

Winds died and we drifted for a while to get in line for the Sail Past.  Had some beers at the dock and then drove Jimmy back to his car at BYC.

I came back to the club to close the boat.  Tried out the inverter and it could not drive the Nespresso.

Chatted with Mike and we tried to bring a kite stuck on his rigging. Got home about 10:30.  Should have eaten at the club.

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