Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday evening sailing

Daniele and I went out in the afternoon after doing a little extra groceries (veggies) to supplement the food I bought.

Dropped off a memory chip that I restored some deleted photos on for Rick.  Left it with Lise at home.

We set off about 4ish, single handed departure.  Fugu came out behind us with the family.

We motored to the gut and Dowkers.  Winds were supposed to be 2-3 knots.  So we sailed to the sand bars to settle for the night.  (damn Wind Guru, it was maybe 10 knots)

We polished of the remaining  Glenlivit 12 year and had a Costco NY strip supper inside, as it was pretty dark.

The night was pretty rocky with East winds meeting the West current of 10 knots in the morning.  At 8AM, the rain started drizzling and we decided to come in.

We pumped out, washed the deck and had bacon and egges and chicken livers.  I had the chicken livers.  We decided to skip the last Friday race.  Apparently 9 boats sailed for about 50 minutes in drizzly weather.  I head it was a nice course.

In the drizzle I installed an engine comportment light, battery operated v-berth light and fixed the 12 volt cockpit outlet.

Daniele and I went to MAC to see theDavid Altmejd and Jon Rafman exhibits where we met Yves,  followed by supper at Le Jardin de Panos and then watched Next on Netflix.

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