Sunday, September 27, 2015


Daniele was supposed to race the Myrtle Cup on Saturday, but she started getting a cold.

I had lent the trailer with the car to Chris so I biked to the club on Saturday morning, went to the boathouse and got a charger, LED anchor light and a few other things.  No new anchor.  Elizabeth came to the Boathouse to drive me back to the club with the stash.

I had lunch with the Myrtle Cup crowd and then Keith came by to measure and photograph the spinnakers that Peter had given him.  They fitted very well on Bellum.  I should buy them.

I installed the charger on Saturday and commissioned it on Sunday.  Norm came by and suggested supper at the club.  I was supposed to have supper with Elizabeth. 

About that time Anne Marie came by to visit Cygnus.  Looked interested.

We all did supper at the club.  Nice evening with a wine down on Redline.

Sunday morning I got up in the dark with a flashlight and finished the charger installation and it all worked fine.

Daniele felt better and came to race the first Frostbite.  On the way to the boat she "dumped" the cart with all our clothes and food into the lake.

I had decided to change head sail as winds were supposed to be light.  All this caused us to get to the starting area late. But as predicted, the race was postponed.  We put up the 155 and she sailed quite well in very light winds.  But about 11:30, the race was cancelled.

We sailed to the sandbars and anchored.  The winds wen to 12 knots.  We put the drum back on while Daniele napped.  We sailed for a couple of hours and the winds died down and we drifted for a while.  Eventually we motored to the bay beside the club and had an Asian Rub Pork tenderloin as we watched delicious sunset on one side and a super moon on the other side.

We came back to a rough dockage and came home to Daniele's and tried to set up her new brother printer to her Mac without success.  The printer was very poorly designed.  Sometimes even the power button did not work.

Nice weekend.

Forecast for Sunday (from Friday)
Actual winds - Race canceled 11:ish, wind came up noon
Western Sunet

Eastern Moonrise

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