Friday, June 3, 2016

Early weekend at Le Grand ANSE

Friday winds
Daniele was very tired after the concert and took Friday off.

We left for the club after doing groceries at Arkavan.  Sailed off towards Dowkers, doing a couple of loops around Pointe Claire.

We decided to spend the night at Le Grande Anse, were we have been told we can find Flirtation.  Sure enough, she came along after we anchored.

Supper was a large flap steak after standard prise to Bushmill.
Friday windless

Saturday was windless and we just vegetated - swimming, hammock, umbrella and more... Daniele was not feeling well enough to go to O'Neil's party.Supper was emergency spaghetti with garlic and oil.  

We got up early on Sunday to motor back to the club at 15 degrees C.  Wind was from the west.

Wonderful weekend.


Saturday Morning

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