Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday no race, sail past

Daniele and I departed the harbour early to take an advantage of the day and so that Daniele could take a nap.

Winds were about 4 knots.  We motored to the channel and put up the main and sailed to .4 NM from the gut and we slowed to a crawl. Auto Pilot worked very well.

Mink was short a life jacket and came around to borrow one from us.

We motored to the race area and eventually the race was cancelled due to lack of wind.

So we set out to Dowkers and decided to go to the sandbars.  Winds were supposed to pick up a 9 and then die, which is what it did.

It was a nice evening. Almost the longest day of the year. It was still light when we went to bed.

Next day I was not feeling well.  We sat around.We BBQ some American pork ribs that were too salty.  (later they were pretty good when they were reheated)

Got back to the harbour on Saturday night and washed the deck and did the Woody Wax,  It was slippery when wet.  When it dried, she seemed fine and was very clean.  We saw on AIS that Redline was at Dowkers.

On Sunday morning Daniele went to her fathers for Fathers Day and Benoit for supper.  I stayed and cleaned the locker a bit and some boat work.

We went out for sailpast with Jimmy, Tilda and Elise on Naomi and had supper with the Pearls. Diana cancelled due to forecasted winds.

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