Friday, July 1, 2016

no sail weekend, no propeller

The Newfoundland propeller did not come in so we left for the boat with no intention of sailing.

We planned a bunch of non-sailing activities for the long weekend.  We got the kayak racks, two bicycles, had the dinghy pumped up, got some groceries.

We arrived Thursday, organized the boat .. a lot. but there was still too much stuff aboard.  The new battery board was still awaiting paint to dry

Friday we kayaked in the morning, going around Dorval Island.  Friday night Daniele went to MF for supper.  A storm came in and the race was cancelled. I had Pizza with Mike, Karla, Elizabeth, Llyod and Anna on Zig-Zag.

Saturday stated late with lunch with Elizabeth and Norm.  I wired the reserve battery, we tidy up the boat and the locker.  My back started to hurt.  We had sandwiches for supper.

Sunday, I was completely immobilized with back pains.  Daniele tidied up the boat and fed me.
I had to be carried out on a cart.

Monday Daniele dropped me off at the hospital.  
I waited about 4 hours when Dr. Johnson gave me medication that relieved the back spasms.  I danced in the hospital 15 minutes later.

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