Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October single handed bliss

October is coming to an end.

Four days of rain in the forecast

Wednesday is 15 knots winds from West.  Jason and Mike are working.  Norm is assembling Ikea furniture, Chris does not answer email.

I left the office at 3 and  the temperature was so nice, I came back and packed the bike to go to the club.  Once at the club, I answered my urge to go out.  Winds were 15 knots from the west.  The wind forecast was supposed to drop to 2-3 knots so I had thoughts of anchoring for the evening.

I untied and took off motoring to the gut.  Put up the Jib and sailed to Beaconsfield, tacked around and came back.  I started the motor just before the Gut.  Very difficult to see the gut without the regular buoys. 

Did not anchor. 

Biked back home, arriving at 9.  Glad I did it.   I DID IT.

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