Saturday, July 12, 2014

Motor from Hamilton to Port Dalhousie

We got up early, restocked ice and water and motored to the Burlington Canal bridge in time for a 10:30 opening.  This time it opened.

Propeller did not really want to open when the bridge opened, but eventually it did open.

Once through the bridge, we put up the main and sailed miserably for half an hour when we switched to the iron sail.  Motored nicely at 1800 RPM doing 5 knots.  Chatted with Norm and he suggested 2200 would be a better cruising speed.

Motored for 5 hours and tied up at Dalhousie Yacht Club.

Went for a walk.  I had bad stomach cramps.  Threw up overboard as this girl on a Kirby 25 was trying to dock.  Skipped supper.  Went to bed early slept a bit and then up much of the night.

Next morning stomach was better until breakfast (onion and cheese omelet).

Waiting out the strong winds and 10-15 mm of rain.  First rain mostly missed us to the North. 

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