Sunday, July 6, 2014

Second sail

We were more adventurous.  We went out about 7 miles with the main and No 3 Jib.

Steering was squeaky when the rudder was under pressure.  The boat went 7 knots GPS.  It was pretty cool on the water.  Water temperature was about 12 C.

There was a C&C 33 (Big Lou) which had dropped its Genny in the water, looked like it has a ripped bimini.  We asked if she needs assistance.  Her engine was out.  She got her Genny back up, sailed close to the club and we towed her in, and released her near the gas dock where she hit bottom and came to a dead stop.

We stayed for a while and then we returned to our dock and came to see how Big Lou was doing. Seemed like she was pouring fuel with a big funnel.

Supper was Vindaloo chicken leftovers.

Big rain storm overnight.

Monday was a club house laundry day.  Caught up on office accounting.

We had left over Vandaloo chicken and then grilled chicken sandwiches for supper, after doing some VHF range checking.

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