Saturday, July 19, 2014

Putneyville to Oswego

Got up at 5 ish, pulled out early san breakfast.  We put up two sails and sailed east in a run.  DF went back to sleep and I helmed for 3-4 hours.

The other night we were wondering why there were not so many boats on the lake. Well this morning, the lake was full of fisherman.  It seems that the lake was mostly used by hobby fisherman early in the morning.

Nice sail to Sodus Bay which was too shallow.  We sailed to Little Sodus Bay which sounded very nice.  But it was going to rain the next day and we decided to bunker down at Oswego.

We got to Oswego at a good hour, docked at an unoccupied dock, tried go get to club house, but the clubhouse was closed.  It turns out we had to go to the municipal office and they set up for two nights. the first was 50$ and the second was free.

We walked the town. Oswego was a booming town until the seaway system turned the town into a tourist town.

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