Friday, August 7, 2015

4 day weekend with Daniele at Dowkers

After the race on Naomi, we had supper at the club and slept aboard. We slept in.  Woke up too late for coffee with Elizabeth.

Decided to do a pump out and get the dinghy motor gas'd up.

Saturday morning, actually 1PM, we took off in very light winds, but we had some nice sailing.  Saw Rafale C-Class cat practicing outside the club.

Anchored at Dowkers about 5 and I dinghied to Dowkers and met up with Mr. Gordon who was building a fort and look out.

 Nice supper of Hurka.  McClellands, two bottles of win (one was corked) and some Havana Club.

Got up late the next morning.  I dinghied out to Baie d' Urfie and back. Motor ran just fine.

We spent the rest of Sunday August 9th at anchor since there was no wind. Double naps on August 9th.  Supper of hot Italian sausages and watched the sunset.

Monday morning sunrise
Got up and out at 6 AM for a nice sail back to the club.  Danièle docked the boat.  Marty came by to help if we needed it.  He was seeing Antoine off.

Breakfast at La Belle Province and then to Daniele's appointment with Laura Leslie.

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