Saturday, August 1, 2015

Soulange with Patrick and Sylvie

We planned a flotilla to Soulange that was rained out two weeks before.

Elizabeth and Jessica cancelled because they were afraid of Lighting
Jimmy cancelled, he had family coming
Mavi Deniz had a wedding
Resolute cancelled

Andre came to pick up the Kayak and fill up at our discount pumps. I left the foldable Kayak in the Subie for Vladimir.

After some discussion on who was going, nobody else was going.  Tara was at Dowkers and went to St. Anne for coffee and wanted to join us

So finally at 2PM, we packed off, motoring to the Gut and opened the genoa and beated it to the windmill channel and sailed to Soulange. 

We saw Evingo near Beauharnois on diesel.  When she saw us, she put up her sails.

Arrival about 5:30

Nice steak dinner inside Bellum as it started to drizzle. 

Next day we went for a nice walk at Pointe aux Cascade. 

Raced back to the Gut and then sailed to Baie d'urfie and then sausage supper at the sandbars.  Passed Fugu and took some pics of her.

Elizabeth, you missed a nice day !

Daniele tried to dock the boat but I took over due to (light) south winds.

Next morning - Wash the bottom of Bellum.

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