Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Exciting Wednesday Race

Actually the winds weere 12-15 knots until 7
Cedric did not show up... guess he forgot. Chris could not make it.  Daniele was not feeling well.

 Jimmy showed up late.  Patrick and Sylvie did not show up until after we left the dock.

I thought I might have been alone and found two shark guys, Fred and "Konny"  who was concerned about the weather so I invited them to sail on Bellum.

Jimmy showed up. We waited for one more guy, but he came more than 5 minutes "as promised".

Motored to the start, did a couple of tacks (badly).

Quite a good start, considering the crew and the late arrival time.

About 3 minutes after the start, Tara tacked and messed up the sheets and cam at us out of control in 15 knots winds.We did an emergency tack to avoid her.

The crew got much better during the race.

On the second round, the windward mark was moved to starboard.

Konny left his large water bottle behind.

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