Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday Fun race not completed

Winds were light, the risk of a thunderstorm.

I invited Norm who had family obligations, Daniele was visiting parents, Jimmy was working late, Catherine was busy, Connie did not answer, Alec had Sarah looking to crew.

Might not have gone out without Sarah.  Sarah just finished Adult Sailing.

We towed JP out at high speed. We were barely ready when the 5-minute sequence started. We got out sails up and motored to the start line.  At 40 seconds, we shut off the engine and sailed through the start line on port and then tacked to starboard, approaching Fugu who was on port.  We veered off without protest.

Tacked after Blue Nuit.  then the race was cancelled due to lack of winds.  Maybe 10 minutes into the race.

Towed JP back slowly.

Had some drinks at the bar with Sarah, Alec and Odessa.

Had a night cap on Goucho and came back to write this blog aboard Bellum

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