Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday Fun race with Sandra, Axel and Anshul

I had no crew.  I went to the club anyway.  Figured I could find a crew.

Had a burger with Scott.

Sandra was going on another boat and that other boat was not available so she came with me.  She bought her Swiss friend Axel.

Alec had another newbie looking for a boat so we got Anshul (from India).

Axel was our expert, but he did things quite differently than I would.

We had a great race.  The boat performed very well.  The first round was sloppy but second round was very good.  We did the race in 30 minutes 43 seconds, very close to Chaos.  That's a first.  The final result was sixth, but that is with the funny handicaps.

The race only lasted 30 minutes so I suggested we go for a sail and everyone was on board (sort of speak).  We sailed to Baie d'ufie and back.  Everyone took their share of helming.

It was dark when we got back to the channel and it was pretty much right up the wind, so we eventually started the iron sail.

Nice docking and I slept aboard.  Daniele did not join me later for the annual regatta.  She came next morning.

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