Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dowkers - First time in 2014

I worked Wednesday with Norm and Friday with Chris to get the boat ready.  Got the new i70 installed.  Removed the ST 60 boat speed display and installed the new SeaTalk NG network.

On Friday Maurice changed the upper rudder bushing.  Steering was much tighter. Vibration was still there.

Friday I worked on getting the boat ready until 1AM, skipping supper.  I got up Saturday morning to go to Boathouse sale.

Met Daniele at the boathouse and we went to Amir for lunch.  Big Lunch. Next time skip the platter.

We cleaned the boat and set off. Norm invited us to join them for supper.

We sailed to Dowkers and we were both tired.  So we anchored and napped on the foredeck.

Norm picked us up about 6 and we BBQ steaks and Portobello muchrooms.  I bought a bad bottle of Kirkland Shiraz.  Norm had backups.

Came back to Bellum about 9 and "slept until 10 the next morning.  Missed my breakfast since I started colonoscopy protocol at 10 AM.

We sailed back to the gut, turned around, sailed a bit more and then went back to the club and changed the hinges on the starboard lazerette.  Quite a bit of work.  Daniele left and I replaced the auto bilge switch.

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