Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wednesday Race - Last again

Chris and I came to the club. I knew Jose was not available so Jimmy was short handed and winds looked strong when I cycled to the club.

I was with Jimmy when Alain could not make it because he was caught in traffic.  Chris was talking to Audrey and invited her to sail with us.

We decided to take Bellum out.

Course was basically one long sausage. Winds were 12 knots and went down to 8 knots.  No puffs or knocks.

Good start, but we did not tack and got knocked down when everyone eventually tacked.

We tacked too early at the windward and had to go off course.  We kept the speed up and then used momentum to get around the mark.  We were in last place.

Most of the boats ran spinnakers so we fell further behind.  Opened some beer and wine.

Wine got spilled in cockpit on an attempted gybe.

Chris, Jimmy and I went off site for supper at  Grill Barroso Rest on St. Joseph. Chris had lamb chops, I had liver and Jimmy had the Octopus.

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