Saturday, September 6, 2014

McAuslan Cup and Party

Daniele were going to go to Dowkers Friday night, but a squall came in as we were preparing our departure.  We decided to put on our bathing suit and started washing the boat.

Boomer's headsail was flapping in the wind.  We called Carson and helped him and Marie re-furl the head sail.  It was a rocky night at dock.

Norm got caught in traffic and we got to a late start. Well, almost late.

As we go to the course, the No.1 looked right.

We got our head sail up and stopped the motor as we were looking for the start line. We crossed the line starboard at the pin at the same time as Wulru V.  They were port, but they were heading for the mark and we had to tack to head for the mark. But considering our unprepariness, it was pretty good.

We came in 11 out of 17.

Good party at the club. Free Beer !

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