Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Afternoon sail on redline

Seeing the season was coming to an end, I suggested to Norm and Chris to take a Wednesday afternoon off to go sailing.

Winds were North Easterly, just like last Thursday with Peter.  Chris could not make it till after his 3PM meeting.

Norm wanted to take Redline out so we did.

Chris showed up a little earlier and went out at 3:30,  just before Regalia went out with Patrick.  Winds were strong, 15 gusting 20.  We ran up to Dowkers on a broad reach and tacked back and went out again.  Eventually, we reefed the Jib and then the Main.

We motored back from the gut to the club. Zig-Zag with Jason and Mike were coming back through the gut about the same time.

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