Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sailing with Peter

Elena and her friend cancelled in the morning so only Peter was coming, but at two.

I spent the morning cleaning Bellum, defrosting the icebox, installing kayak brackets (failed), check Cygnus batteries (boiled dry).

Peter showed up at the boat.

There was a North East wind so we put up just the jib and bombed down to Baie-D'Urfé and tried to tack back to the gut but with just the head sail, we could not get that close to the wind.

Peter has been demolishing his family country house, cutting trees, sleeping in his car and mortaring  his fireplace.

Motored from the gut to the club and with a North wind, I misjudged the approach and had an awkward time backing up and retrying.

I had work to do and skipped supper.  I changed the engine oil (not the filter) and packed up the boat and went to Daniele's for a pizza. I ate the whole thing.

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