Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday night sail

After work, Daniele and I decided we wanted to go sailing.  So we came down to the club, packed up and went to the fuel dock to get a pump out and fuel up.  I had checked the club website and it said that the fuel pump closes at 19h00.  We were there at 17h30 and the pumps were closed and the sign said it closes at 17h00... Grrrr.

So with fumes we tacked from the club to Beaconsfield, passing Flirtation in the channel and Fugu on her way back.  Flirtation was under motor and squeezed us (under sail close to the green mark). Grr

We passed Tallisman in the main lake. At Beaconsfield we gybed and came back.  The wind dies so we motored to the bay beside the club to spend the night.

Supper was a fillet of pork with garlic, mayonnaise and rosemary.

Nice evening. 

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