Tuesday, September 13, 2016

hookey with norm

The next few days were going to be cool and rainy.  Today was going to be 26 so let's take the afternoon off and go sailing.

Emailed Norm and Chris,  Chris could not make it.

So we took off at 14h15 with the No 3 and did 6 knots tacking to Beaconsfield and a broad reach back with an encounter with the sandbars.

We got back at 17h30 and I colour coded the stern dock lines and repaired the BBQ flavour plate using two stainless bolts to hold it up since the original clip to hold it up had rusted out.

Took the Specialized bike back at 20h00 and got a flat in Lachine.  Had to lock up the bike and take a bus back to the office and take the car to get the bike back.  Late supper.

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