Saturday, September 2, 2017

Anchorage party

There was going to be no racing this Friday due to the "party" at Hudson Yacht Club so I declared an anchorage party.

Redline, Gaucho, Scott and Bellum participated.  Jimmy and Tilda were supposed to come but Tilda was doing tomatoes so she cancelled.  Jimmy was not interested in coming with us or Gaucho.  Jimmy was in a strange may be angry mood.

Redline had spent Friday night at Grande Anse.

Winds were to be very light on Saturday and raining on Sunday with an East wind.  Not too good. But there was wind at 11'ish when we went out and had a nice sail to the middle of the lake near Baie d'urfie when the winds died.  We mostly napped and drifted around watching Gaucho try flying a spinnaker in zero winds.

There was not enough winds to get to Redline and we decided to raft up with Redline at Allan Point.  Had a cocktail and came back to supper at the dock.  Gaucho had gone back to dock for their supper.

We slept aboard and the next morning it poured.  We went to measure my apartment for new furniture and then went to Daniele's for supper of pasta with garlic, tomatoes, capers and olives.

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