Saturday, September 16, 2017

le weekend

Dan picked me up at the office after the Super Mega Continental and we slept in the harbour.  I had done the groceries so we did could leave in the morning.

Harvey and Irma had passed died out, Josee was coming and Marie was formed.  We had a large high that very warm and good weather but not much wind.

The boat was very buggy and had to be cleaned.

We left about 2 and had a nice slow sail up the channel with just the Jib.  At the Gut, winds picked up and we put up the main and sailed to the end of the lake and tried to sail towards St Annes and go around Dowkers, but the wind was too close.  We sailed back and tied up with Norm at the sandbars and has a nice sunset and supper aboard Redline.

After supper, we anchored behind Redline and the next morning the boat was buggy and very little winds.  I got up early and rinsed the boat.

Jeff showed up.  We took the Kayaks for a nice paddle to one of the Danger rocks at the seaway and back to leave one Kayak with Redline.  We eventually pulled the anchor and slowly sailed all the way to the breakwater before starting the engine and Daniele did a perfect docking.

Washed the boat and went to Ikea to look for bedroom furniture again.

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