Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wednesday afternoon on Redline

Chris and I showed up 13h45 just in time for the precise departure for an afternoon sailing on Redline

I biked, Chris drove me back home.

The new sail was not too nice in Norm and my eyes, but Chris did not see anything wrong with it.  We measured it and it was about a 125 instead of a 135.  Originally it was a 145.

Nice sail sharing the like with a CC33 and Tartan 40.  We tacked up the lake as far as we could go and then ran back, anchoring at the sandbars.

Supper was preceded by Somosas and pistachios and beer and a swim in 19 degree waters. Supper was Arkavan souvlaki chicken breast with M&M baked potatoes.  Good selection of beer from Bellum.  We skipped dessert.

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